12 years to prepare for one chance to succeed...

The adventure of Hunger Games, the scope of Maze Runner, and the heart of The Selection all under one ocean!

Being afraid of failure is normal, but no one fears success except eighteen-year-old Jazwyn Ripley, who has worked her entire life for a chance to become more than the scant apprenticeships in the Seaboard North stacks can offer. Only the best can begin career training at Gaia Sur, the elite academy on the ocean floor, but when Jazz begins receiving cryptic messages from past Gaia cadets originating from within the earth's core, she and her friends discover that the road to everything they've ever wanted now leads somewhere they never intended to go.


Under pressure, under fire…some will rise, and some will fall.

Getting out of Gaia Sur was almost as hard as getting in, but there’s no going back now. Jazwyn Ripley and her friends have no choice but to venture into the caves and tunnels underneath the ocean floor as the messages they’ve been receiving get stronger. Tensions rise and loyalties are tested when another of their crew is captured along the way, and one critical choice means following unlikely allies down a path most would never dare—across the seven biomes of “The Rush”—which, if they survive, will either lead to freedom or imprison them forever.

AER, BOOK THREE: Available now!

They wanted a chance; they were given a choice: 


...follow the scripted path at Gaia Sur or face the unknown to find their families. In AQUA and TERRA, Jazz and her friends took the risk and battled through the seven biomes of the “Rush.” Now, from high above the earth in Admin City, it’s clear their fight has only just begun.

Told from two perspectives, the third book in The Elements series sends part of the crew to a topside world that is not the way they left it as the others enter the virtuo-cine network, where truth is blurred, and time is running out.


Photo by Robert Dahey

Photo by Robert Dahey

AQUA: Book One is available now in print and ebook format, and is coming soon to audiobook from Punch Audio! 

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 The Elements Series: 

   AQUA: Book One      Released 8.15.15

   TERRA: Book Two    Released 8.27.16

   AER: Book Three      Released 9.16.17 

   IGNIS: Book Four     Coming fall 2018



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